Method for obtaining honor

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-12-17 12:40 Tuesday

1,  [Great first step] game levels to reach 15. Honor Points 10

2,  [Mara Sundarbans person]: continuous 24-hour online. Honor Points 30

3 , [ precision ]: accurate sharpshooter killed 1,000 enemies ( can bot). Honor Points 10

4 , [ perfect ]: open the virtual mode conqueror all difficult. Honor Points 10

5 , [ people] in the biochemistry of survival mode 1,2,3 survive successfully in 5000 . Honor Points 10

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The game 6 weapons destruction

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-10-19 14:21 Saturday

top6. ax. Ax is not the fault of the big guns cut Blame bug, led to numerous gold party and novices were sold, the landlord looked really sad, the landlord also has an ax, but is generally used to ...

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Reaper weapons of Life

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-9-26 23:13 Thursday

Detailed CSO biochemical mode of life reaper weapons

Recently found that many players on the CSOL reaper more interested in life , he is also considered an old player , to give you an analysis under the gun . Scope of application of this gun is more, not all discussions , so this talk about biochemical mode performance.

2013 , N Club launched a gasoline chain saw as a prototype weapon "life Reaper " , popular , is to chainsaw , also known as chain saws. Filled with 200ml of gasoline , athletics and Survival modes purchase price of 5750 gold , ammunition prices with burning embers were 300 gold 50 rounds .

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Biochemical three tips you need to know

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-9-20 15:07 Friday

1: pay attention to three kinds of people 1: sportsman wearing a yellow jacket, 2: Scarface uncle wearing a small suit, 3: keep long brown hair holding a peasant spring of Sao years.

2: with an ax and a knife parting off too close to them, or else is likely to let you see three minutes of the movie.

3: The Devil in the pipeline to meet your gun shock when the angle looking up.

4: Barbie hold the left button to move forward in the pipeline is similar to the devil BUG, go and try it.

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Survival Map Reviews

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-9-17 16:27 Tuesday

CSO catastrophic level map to find the final age of terror

Disaster , the official model called survival . From the once lost city to the present meet by chance, one more than a difficult one than a pit father , artifact than a fast hardware ...... let me as we interpret survival mode.

The first figure , the lost city . This figure clearance above the general level there will be a 100 title called City Hunter , in fact, this figure is not too difficult, but a lot of people would go through . We used to use M4A1 and destruction brush, today we have the Long Gun Chainsaw dawn , to justify the brush is not in the past is a slag slag . Actually very simple, there is a place to have a bug, I believe we can find it . There squat , Long Gun Chainsaw dawn will do, pay attention to 16 points head , the other no difficulty . Focusing on teammates , no skills , slipped zombie walk Bale. Former can take a ladder to the roof , and now no one is up, and will go places you can too . This page first over.

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Some secrets cso

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-8-31 0:11 Saturday

1 Classic rifle M4A1 everyone you know ? Observant people will notice , M4A1 added a silencer , the sight becomes large. However, the decisive battle in the team there will be no change in sight , in competitive mode will change .
2 Do you think body armor is a useless thing ? Buy body armor, and then to his feet to throw grenades, then do not buy body armor to his feet to throw grenades, compare damage , you will understand what I mean .
3 After Long Kiss CHILONG AK plus the speed of a bullet is not only faster , even the ballistics are variable stability , and stability to be outrageous .
4 gold gun model gun model than RMB lot rougher .

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Tactical combat knife and evaluation

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-8-30 11:21 Friday

CSO tactical combat knife player game mode evaluation

CSO tactical knife, we expect these goods should be quite the right, telling the truth is a very handsome, triple Flying out of shape and do not know when the action than some conventional weapons deputy commander how many times, if the time choose a raven, Shuadian KZ, ninja that depending on the sense of wood with ah? (Well, I came again in two patients)

But the handsome handsome return, in fact, it is also very pit, not three seconds can not afford basic knife man, one even without thought, right the damage actually smaller than the seals, which unscientific ah, introducing said titanium alloy ...


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The top weapon ranks

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-8-26 23:40 Monday

Weapons Weapon Ranks novice unmissable TOP

Pistol Class

TOP1. Addicted soul

LZ first to RMB weapons, good bursts, the higher the injury, the powerful BOSS on small fixed body. These points can give it a pistol class TOPone!!


10 rounds of .50 handgun, non-special model also has decent damage. Special mode is domineering, out of a zombie can die, but LZ No, this is my very favorite one catastrophic secondary weapon. ...

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