Method for obtaining honor

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-12-17 12:40 Tuesday

1,  [Great first step] game levels to reach 15. Honor Points 10

2,  [Mara Sundarbans person]: continuous 24-hour online. Honor Points 30

3 , [ precision ]: accurate sharpshooter killed 1,000 enemies ( can bot). Honor Points 10......


The top weapon ranks

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-8-26 23:40 Monday

Weapons Weapon Ranks novice unmissable TOP

Pistol Class

TOP1. Addicted soul

LZ first to RMB weapons, good bursts, the higher the injury, the powerful BOSS on small fixed body. These points can give it a pistol class TOPone!!


10 rounds of .50 handgun, non-special model also has decent damage. Special mode is domineering, out of a zombie can die, but LZ No, this is my very favorite one catastrophic secondary weapon. ...


Medal of Honor bug (China)

Author:chun ge Posted on:2014-8-27 12:57 Wednesday

Players draw weapon pictures

Author:chun ge Posted on:2014-7-11 21:23 Friday

Share game screenshot

Author:chun ge Posted on:2014-5-24 23:42 Saturday

Cute boss debut

Author:chun ge Posted on:2014-4-24 16:10 Thursday

Cso game appeared of the most lovely boss, we first advance preview image


New weapons

Author:chun ge Posted on:2014-4-23 18:12 Wednesday

The legend of the weapons come from <Journey To The West> in ancient China 


Infection free in zombie mode

Author:chun ge Posted on:2014-4-20 14:21 Sunday

 1. Get a hack with a function of becoming invisible.  

 2. Join a room start the game, no m...


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