The game 6 weapons destruction

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-10-19 14:21 Saturday

top6. ax. Ax is not the fault of the big guns cut Blame bug, led to numerous gold party and novices were sold, the landlord looked really sad, the landlord also has an ax, but is generally used to ...


Play Survival mode powered weapons

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-10-14 13:25 Monday

This post will tell you slag slag fire now mainstream disaster firearms ( including the full range of firearms ) of the chase first off performance , and a variety of usage, let your cataclysm technol...


Two new characters debut

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-10-10 17:18 Thursday

October 10, 2013, "Counter-Strike Online" ushered in a new round of breakthroughs and innovations, players eagerly anticipated new gangster roles - Walter and Kali Tuo debut today. Distinctive st...



Those attributes have been modified cso artifact

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-10-2 9:58 Wednesday

1: Doom Knight , a former open- end mirrors and the weight is not open mirror opposite , which is not threatening to walk it open mirror
2: The Roaring Ragefire , had no armor damage is 40 , there ar...


Cso top ten most popular weapons

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-9-26 23:34 Thursday

10: "K3"

It is the choice of a weapon system , plus is a light machine gun in biochemistry has a good performance in general and novices , its performance is also good !

Popularity Index:...


Cso reaper weapons of Life

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-9-26 23:13 Thursday

Detailed CSOL biochemical mode of life reaper weapons

Recently found that many players on the CSOL reaper more interested in life , he is also considered an old player , to give you an analysis u...


Biochemical three tips you need to know

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-9-20 15:07 Friday

1: pay attention to three kinds of people 1: sportsman wearing a yellow jacket, 2: Scarface uncle wearing a small suit, 3: keep long brown hair holding a peasant spring of Sao years.

2: with an ax and a knife parting off too close to them, or else is likely to let you see three minutes of the movie.

3: The Devil in the pipeline to meet your gun shock when the angle looking up.......


Cso Survival Map Reviews

Author:chunge Posted on:2013-9-17 16:27 Tuesday

CSOL catastrophic level map to find the final age of terror

Disaster , the official model called survival . From the once lost city to the present meet by chance, one more t...


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