Zombie 4 details

Author:chun ge Posted on:2014-1-17 17:26 Friday

First, the game overview
"Counter-Strike Online" NEXON Korea Valve Company in the United States developed the same name as the basis for the development of the original FPS online games. Cs series ...

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January 14, 2014 open beta biochemical mode 4

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-12-23 12:06 Monday

Biochemical king, innovative production ! Highly anticipated "Counter-Strike Online" Biochemical Mode 4 will be open " to die " beta January 14, 2014 . "Counter-Strike Online" station formally l...

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Comparison of new and old clan system

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-12-20 17:19 Friday

1 : What is the Legion system ?
- Improve the shortcomings of the original clan system , and provides a new system is more convenient and fun experience .
Add a new legion Legion warehouse and achie...

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China upgrades 2013-12-18

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-12-17 20:04 Tuesday

Dear comrades:

Next week (December 18th) version update, we will conduct a new modification of the clan system and ranking system.

When the ranking system&nb...

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Method for obtaining honor [new]

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-12-17 13:10 Tuesday

Cataclysm , Mech storm




Method of obtaining





Single-game rounds to kill 10,000 zombies





Successful completion of the Dark Portal , the Dark Portal ( difficult ) 100
( Nothing simple model calculation )

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Zombie mode [IV] updated content

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-12-10 12:13 Tuesday

2013 "Counter-Strike Online" World Cup was successfully concluded in Shanghai Storm gaming hall on December 8 . In the event the Korea Development team room long exposure of the " Counter Strike On...

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(chainsaw gun) data has been changed

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-10-21 17:44 Monday

Often play CSOL juvenile can certainly feel sometimes playBobbi and stateless Obama doesn't move just paused. At the beginning of the year se...

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Play Survival mode powered weapons

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-10-14 13:25 Monday

This post will tell you slag slag fire now mainstream disaster firearms ( including the full range of firearms ) of the chase first off performance , and a variety of usage, let your cataclysm technol...

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