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1 Classic rifle M4A1 everyone you know ? Observant people will notice , M4A1 added a silencer , the sight becomes large. However, the decisive battle in the team there will be no change in sight , in competitive mode will change .
2 Do you think body armor is a useless thing ? Buy body armor, and then to his feet to throw grenades, then do not buy body armor to his feet to throw grenades, compare damage , you will understand what I mean .
3 After Long Kiss CHILONG AK plus the speed of a bullet is not only faster , even the ballistics are variable stability , and stability to be outrageous .
4 gold gun model gun model than RMB lot rougher .
5 Revitalizing M4 open the mirror after fired three shots in the distance , the bullet base at one point , the fourth time the gun will be slightly biased upwards , the first five shots quite clear. Revitalizing M4 are all low-magnification sight with automatic rifles , the only way to do it .

6 biochemical model , least likely to be the devil zombie headshots , the most dangerous is the Barbie , the hardest hit is the lord shaman.
7 heavy spy battle mode , the best choice for the role of women dressed less ( Irina , Jessica ) , is not easy shot . Although the models are the same, but with the male characters than female characters even more dominant. ( Only human visual error )
8 with the skills to shake off the demons of human gun , the gun will be thrown out from the man himself than to be thrown away.
9 secondary attack from the shock of the devil and demons high accuracy without maternal
10 grenades, grenade to disaster BOSS ( Alien , Auburn ) and the maternal biochemical cube devil is invalid.
11 different weapons in different modes in damage bonus , for example, broken soul in the disaster have damage bonus , Barrett has the mech storm damage bonus .
12 broken soul who has to deal with alien effects, death knights have effects against Auburn , bazookas on Comanche effects, Barrett have effects on the Osprey .
13 in the game , casual wear, expert service , classic clothes in precision weapons have bullet trajectory is different.
14 biochemical mode, if you use Barbie was killed , you can also control the Barbie 's body move and emit eerie sound of laughter ......
15 biochemical mode, each game has its heroes is not , can only occur simultaneously three heroes.
16 hero faster than the average speed , and the arms are not limited , that is, no matter what the hero weapon in his hand , his movement speed is the same .
17 heroes on the gun and grenade grenade caliber Baoyan cyclone is the same, but the damage there was a clear difference , I do not know why
18 Destroyer (MG3) bullet caliber has always been a mystery , the official website of biochemical frenzy promo Destroyer 5.56 caliber bullets , but the game is 7.62 , and the Destroyer 7.62 and 5.56 can be used with any kind of caliber GM, I do not know how it is ......
19 biochemical mode, normal zombie runaway 500 to be deducted once the value of life , but the biochemical Meng war, ordinary zombie runaway is not withhold blood .
20 Do you know that ? Barbie in the biochemistry League war, when stealth attack power will increase , so my suggestion is to use a biochemical warfare Union Barbie , has been picking up props, and so picked up " violent acceleration" props after the first use , and then stealth, so it is sharp
21 biochemical model of night vision and team battle in the night vision effect is different .
22 Mech storm against the desert ruins of Comanche best Barrett , against burning in purgatory Comanche best bazooka . Although bazooka on Comanche high damage , but the desert ruins of Comanche it will hide , move fast, hit hard bazooka , then burning purgatory opposite.
23 Auburn 's skin is very thick , the official website has been introduced , it largely ineffective ordinary bullets , I also found out, broken soul , and death knights have special bullets to its apparent harm , for other 7.62 caliber or less bullet for him largely ineffective . <br>
24. Mech storm of burning purgatory , there is a large disaster in the dead end has one thing in common , that is, when the players went to finish a certain distance , there will be a shortcut . Novice play this two map is very easy to get lost ......
25 biochemical cube clearance Awards are based on what you go the route of the decision , the other I am not very clear , but I know that if you are in the fourth off encountered BOSS, then your clearance reward is definitely rapid injection .
26 In general, when the shot recoil , bullets are generally upward drift, but the Destroyer is different, Destroyer's bullets are floating around sideways ......
27 light machine guns Terminator is actually the most stable gun , his accuracy is very high .
28 . Mech storm occurrence of the green case is actually fixed, but the order is random , as long as the master position , it is easy to grab the box.


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