Weapon M14 Review

Author:chun ge Posted on:2013-8-26 23:45 Monday

As we all know, CSO roaring Ragefire series is the most powerful assault rifle, its high power and decent accuracy it has become a burst artifact. And strengthen the system is to make it the big power rifle unleashed, CSO roaring Ragefire can be regarded as the most worthy of a few to strengthen one of the guns.

Below is a brief evaluation of this gun, as well as its enhanced explain.

As we all know, CSO roaring Ragefire main position is the normal mode (war is unpopular and therefore temporarily alloy mentioned), so the following will not appear on other modes of evaluation.

First, take a look at not enhanced roaring anger (gold) flame of the property.

Harm, no A 180-45-56-33, 144-36-48-33 have A, Armor revised to 20% from the revised base of 0.16%, 15 meters from the first amendment.

Hit rate, burst hit rate as shown (45 m burst trajectory).

CSOL武器评测 咆哮怒焰M14系列新测试 

  Limit distance BAIFA hit rate BAIFA 49.

Recoil with fire 20 rounds of ballistic expressed as shown below.

CSOL武器评测 咆哮怒焰M14系列新测试 

  Moving speed 215unit / s, gold roar of 220unit / s, rate of fire, two are 8 rounds per second, and warehouse properties icon marked with an error, the number of filled shells 20 rounds.

Not enhanced roar Ragefire, has the following features: powerful, hit good, huge recoil, the relatively slow rate of fire, fill shells less than normal. Burst in and enemies duel, this gun is still very to the force, the upper body will fall by the power of the three shots to make it very popular. Well fortified, which will produce the burst artifact How to improve it?

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